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When will the BibleGateway unsupported link be work around be implemented?

 Waiting since December to come up with a workaround solution for the broken Bible Gateway link is totally unacceptable.  Often our Pastor references a Bible verse or ask for one to be put on screen which we can't. It is not convenient to simply copy and paste veses into a PowerPoint slide in that method.

Now we are scrambling to come up with alternative packages for Zionworks. Does anyone else have any have any recommendations?

 is there is there a timeline to identify a work-around solution?

Jeff Baker

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Hi Jeff, we actually released back in December 2016 which fixes this issue with BibleGateway integration.  We treated it as a priority issue and got an update out as quickly as possible (within 2 weeks).  Please try updating via the Check-for-Updates menu option.  If you have any problems then feel free to come back to us. Thanks.

Chris Clark
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