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Adding Introduction Liturgy Response Text To Bible Passages

I have just downloaded Zionworx and am trying to create a playlist similar to how I currently do in 2.6; but have run into problems editing a BibleGateway item.
Normally we add the standard liturgy to the beginning and end of our Gospel Bible passages as follows:
"Hear the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to ...
All: Glory to you, O Lord" at the beginning and
"This is the Gospel of the Lord
All: Praise to you, Christ Jesus" at the end.

I have managed to get the text to appear on separate slides, by adding a blank line between the texts and choosing "New slide on blank line"; however the intro text is being added after the first verse number, so it appears as:

Matthew 2:21-24
21 This is the Gospel .....
<new slide>
Actual text of verse 21...

Is there a way of achieving what I'm trying to do?
Also is it possible to prevent the Bible title from showing (as the details are in the intro text) - this would need to be set per bible reading as for non-Gospel readings (which don't have the intro text) we show the title?

Martin Bloomfield

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Good comments and interesting observation. At the moment the verse editor for bible passages has some limitations around what can be added and you will find that the verse numbers won't be displayed correctly for pre-pended text slides. We use response text at the end of of bible passages so it doesn't pick up this problem. In this situation it is probably best to not show the verse numbers.

An alternate approach would be to use a quick slide (or a song for re-use) with the pre-liturgy as a separate item in the playlist before the gospel reading. So this would be presented and then immediately the bible reading is brought up. You can reuse the bible theme on the quick slide so the appearance would be the same.

You will need to create two themes - one with the Title text set to show (maybe named "General Readings") and another with the Title text set to hidden ("Gospel Readings"). Apply the themes to the readings as appropriate.

Chris Clark
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Chris, Thank you for the response. One thought I'd had, but haven't been able to try out, was whether is it possible to create a "Title" slide (in a Gospel Reading theme) formatted as below:

Hear the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to <title>
All: Glory to you O Lord.

This would then get around the need to insert text at the beginning of the passage, as it would create it automatically for me. Is this possible?

Martin Bloomfield 0 votes
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Hi Martin. There's no ability to add a title slide directly associated with the bible passage. The closest I can suggest at present is to use a song with those words (using a song for the reusability benefit), link a specific theme with it on the Song Editor and then add it to the playlist directly before the gospel passage. Certainly what you describe is the type of feature that we would be looking to include with a future liturgy module in ZionWorx

Chris Clark 0 votes
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