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Using mobile phones for video



  • Chris Clark

    Wow - that sounds quite an interesting arrangement. Look forward to hearing the outcome...

  • Phil Webb

    Well, we didn't get to use it last Sunday, but yesterday morning we used a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to relay activities at the front of our church through Zionworx and onto the screen. It allowed everyone to see some all-age paper-folding activities - and the varied results!

    While this has worked OK, we're seeing more crashes in Zionworx now that we have video inputs configured. Now trying to diagnose the cause of these... 2-3 year old Core i3 laptop perhaps, dodgy RAM perhaps, software conflicts perhaps, ...

  • Chris Clark

    Thanks Phil. If you make sure you're using the most recent ZionWorx update that will make sure that any issues that you are experiencing can be looked into. You can easily access this check through the File->Help->Check for updates menu.
    It could be related to the computer specifications, however send an email to with any relevant details/error message information and we can investigate.

  • Kevin

    Did you get this to work, if so what did you do? I have installed ip webcam and that is working fine but cant get it to show as an available video source any ideas?

  • Simon Lees

    I have trialed his and it seems to work fine.  Found you can only use 640x480 format with ZW and cannot zoom.  Also, must have IP Webcam open and live before opening ZW otherwise ZW can freeze. 

    Phil, have you tried with a normal IP Webcam rather than a mobile?

    Kevin, you need to install a bit of software on your PC/laptop to allow ZW to access.  The install is at

    This came from Christian.


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