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Font Sizes



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    Chris Clark

    A good question. The short answer is that the number is a percentage of the overall screen height. So 10 is 10% of the height - for a 1024x768 screen the font height would be approximately 76 pixels.

    A key feature in ZionWorx 2014 was maintaining the font appearance when moving between different environments (i.e. setting up at home and bringing to church) and we thought for a long time about the best way of approaching this and percentage seemed to us to be the simplest way of achieving this.

  • Martin Bloomfield

    Thanks for the response. I can see the logic behind your decisions, it will certainly make preparation at home easier; as I know the item text will break and appear the same.

    As an application developer, and user of lots of other software, I was just so used to font sizes being in points that it confused me.


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