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Resuming a PowerPoint



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    Chris Clark

    At the bottom right of the desktop area there is a "Recent Items" area which can be expanded or collapsed. When you move to the next item the current item will be moved to this area. Each recent item has a play overlay in the middle that when pressed will bring that item back to the presenter area at the point it was left. Activating the item from the playlist will always start from the initial slide.

    So the flow in your situation would be to show the powerpoint and at slide 3 you bring the song up from the playlist. When you have finished the song you will click play on the PowerPoint thumbnail in the recent items are to continue from slide 3.

  • Chris Clark

    The other approach you can take if you want to drive the service through the playlist rather then having to move between two areas is to add the same PowerPoint multiple times to the playlist (between the songs) and then change the start slide on each one through the PowerPoint ribbon options shown when the playlist item is selected. Then activating each item will move to the specified slide rather than starting at slide 1.


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