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Lock out

Hi All
While using ZW14 we normally have the program update option turned off. However with available last week I turned it on to activate and install it. Yesterday we had a severe problem which prevented us using ZW at all.

The symptoms were these. We we first started the program it would lock out completely. The logo screen was being displayed on the main screen but nothing else could be selected to replace it. The program screen would completely lose its focus and nothing could be clicked or controlled. The program was closed using the task manager even though it was not showing as an unresponding program.
After various reboots of the laptop and of the software ,the problem could not be easily resolved. Peculiarly, the program would respond if we chose a solo display on the laptop but then of course we couldn't use it.

After much head scratching and only by trial and error after our service had finished, did we find that turning off the update option would cause the program to work properly. So we shall ensure this is the default case from now on. I should add that at our facility we currently do not have wi-fi available.

I did wonder of the latest update had caused the lockout but in light of the above I'm now not clear if this is true or not. I would also like to add that by and large we have been pleased with ZW although yesterday was not a good one.



Gavin Rowden

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This turned out to be due to a bug in which caused a message dialog to appear behind the application window if there was no internet connection, which gave the impression of freezing. This problem was fixed in which we released on 2nd April 2015.

Christian Boxer
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Hi Gavin,

Sorry to hear of these difficulties, that must have been incredibly frustrating! It sounds like perhaps an error message dialog box was triggered and made visible behind the presentation window - therefore stealing the input focus from everything else, but not visible so it could be clicked. This would explain why the app seemed frozen but was not 'unresponsive' according to Task Manager.

As to why this happened when checking for updates is not obvious. The only scenario I can imagine is that you are using a desktop PC without a WiFi adapter installed at all? Perhaps this use case causes some error that we've missed in testing. Certainly we tested WiFi not being connected (but an adapter installed) and this presents no problem.

I should also add that there is no need to turn on automatic update checking to check for updates. You can use the manual check available through File->Help->Check for Updates.

We'll look into this issue as a priority and see what we can uncover. Thanks for taking the time to report!

Christian Boxer 0 votes
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