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Quickly Display a bible verse

Is there away to display a bible verse without having to add it to the playlist? For example if the preacher didn't give you his text before service and you don't know how many verses he is going to read.

Scott Bailey

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Hi Scott,

You can select a Bible verse(s) and click the dropdown arrow on the blue '+' button at the bottom of the Bible tab, then select 'Show Live'. This will put the text in the playlist and present it in one action. It won't allow you to step through verses one at a time though, which it sounds like you need.

I think a faster solution in this situation would be to Select All verses in the chapter (Ctrl+A) and then drop those in the playlist and present them. Then you've got the whole chapter available and can step through as required on-the-fly.

We'll have a think about how we could potentially improve this for instant single verse selection/presentation. But hopefully using the whole chapter gives you another way that should work efficiently in your scenario.

Christian Boxer
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