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Song Selection Problem

I am just starting to use ZW3.3 "in anger" for preparing services and have discovered a problem.
I have imported our song database from version 2.6. In our database we have many duplicate song titles with different "songbook locations" at the end of the title. When entering the song title, ZW did not display all matching songs.
I have 3 songs starting "My Jesus My" in the database:
- My Jesus My Lifeline
- My Jesus My Saviour
- My Jesus My Saviour (S/H 99)

On entering "my jesus m" into the song search box, the list only displayed the first entry (My Jesus My Lifeline).
Am I doing something wrong, or is this a "feature"?

Martin Bloomfield

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Hi Martin. There are two modes of searching which are toggled using the button to the right of the text entry field. There is keyword search and also exact phrase matching. However I would have thought that either option should pick up all 3 songs at least. We will continue dialog with you via the ticket you've raised at as we may need to look at your database to understand what is happening.

Chris Clark
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