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Can't Update to

I've tried the updater many times, so I was thinking about uninstalling the program and downloading a fresh version and applying my backup/database. Then I questioned, if I do that, will I have to use up another "use" of the key that was bought? As far as I remember (Unless things have changed recently), I can only use the key 10 times. This makes things difficult for me to update the way I want to update. Please let me know if there's something I can do.


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The license key is per unique computer so the way you are "updating" will only use 1 instance of the key. Also the computer does remember the key so you should find that reinstalling will not require you to reenter your registration information.

There have been some issues updating from an old version using the automatic updater so in some cases a reinstall is necessary. Always make sure you have a database backup and a copy of the the themes directory if you've customised these.

Feel welcome to email us at if you have any further questions about the process.

Chris Clark
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