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Multilingual Song Projection

Dear all,

I am new to ZionWorx and looked around for my topic without finding anything.

We use ZionWorx for song projections in Switzerland. We have songs in different languages (mostly German and English). Since the official language is German, when projecting English songs we would like to display the German translation beneath.
At the moment we just write the English and German text on the same slide. But some people get confused because the text (font, size) is the same. I would like a possibility to have different font styles in the projected text. So the Theme should give the possibility to add two text fields with different styles. The content of the text fields should then be feeded from two different lyric fields in the song...
Another solution could be that the text in the lyrics field itself could be formatted during editing of the song...

Maybe you already provide a possibility/workaround for my "problem". Then please tell me and apologize for this question. And last of all: I am very happy and satisfied to use ZionWorx in our services.

I will be waiting for your reply. Thank you.

Memmo Tamburrino

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Thanks for your support of ZionWorx. This ability to support multi-lingual songs with different text styles is on our development roadmap however and we expect it to be available mid-2016.

Chris Clark
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