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Remote control for presentations

Has anyone located a remote control zapper gadget which will allow you to use Zionworx without being at the computer?
We have a Kingston Wireless Presenter, but the control code sent by the buttons does not include <ENTER> or <SPACE> ...the ones needed to advance to the next slide of a song.

For clarity - the remote works fine with Powerpoint within Zionworx. What I'm after is a remote which also works for the songs.

Alternatively, is there a way of mapping the code from within Zionworx so that the code from the remote is translated to become the code for <ENTER>?

Or is there any third-party software that could achieve the same mapping result?

Paul Stokes

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Thanks. Had to prevent <F5> from launching New Song (because the laser pointer emits F5 for some reason). But <PAGE UP> and <PAGE DOWN> from the remote does achieve what was desired :)

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