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Powerpoint and Music problem

We have just tried to display two PowerPoint presentations with different music track, using ZionWorx's overlay function.

I set this up by adding "links" to the PowerPoint and sound files in the Workspace areas as appropriate (PowerPoint and media).  I then added the PowerPoint to the playlist, then dragged the music to the drop-target over PowerPoint.  When these were the only items in the playlist, I was able to display both presentations as expected.

However, for our service, we were also using songs, bible and other PowerPoint as well.  When we came to display the PowerPoint with overlayed music, Zionworx crashed and forced a restart (I allowed it to submit a crash report).  On restarting Zionworx, the PowerPoint and music had both disappeared from the Workspace areas. The PowerPoint then displayed but didn't play the music - which I ended up playing outside of Zionworx.  Zionworx then crashed again when we moved to another item in the playlist :-(

Has anyone else managed to use this combination of Music and PowerPoint, or seen this problem?

Martin Bloomfield

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