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Advancing through a PowerPoint presentation animation using a clicker



  • Martin Bloomfield

    Hello Naomi,

    yes it is possible to advance through a PowerPoint presentation with animation using a clicker (at least using build sequences works; I've not used whole slide animation e.g. float in, fly in).  If the presentation displays correctly in slideshow when you press the space bar or up/down arrows, then it should work in Zionworx.  Our vicar builds his sermons and often reveals bullet points using build sequences and these display fine within Zionworx.

    We use a simple remote control clicker - "Targus Laser Presentation Remote - USB" (see, but any remote control should work as long as it sends Up/Down key strokes.

    Heworth, York.

  • Naomi Brown

    Thanks for the advice! :)


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