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Request - Announcement Slide Capabilities


I would love to see the following abilities added to Zionworx:

1. Not just a quick slide but a slide "set" that one could use for rolling church announcements to include a theme background with the ability to play audio while the announcements are rolling over the screen. This is for Pre-Service announcements and Post-Service announcements.

2. The ability to duplicate the announcement slide set to run them during music that is post-service running while people are exiting...or just the ability to duplicate a quick slide to add that same slide to another location in the service without having to re-create the same quick slide.

Many churches play low volume music while people meet / greet / fellowship / wait for the service to begin. This is a great time to have rolling announcement slides running on the overhead screen with this music playing, nice theme background...and the announcements just roll by in 10 second intervals between slides. The same type of thing is done post service while people are getting ready to exit the sanctuary.

3. I'd like the ability to click the  checkbox for "automatic advancement" for a slide/song to automatically go to the next media set in the play list. This would be really helpful pre-service:

1. music
2. music with announcement slides
3. music with announcement slides
4 music
5 end here or being service start countdown timer and go manual advancement from here.

Make sense or am I just confusing you? :)

Thanks for such a great product!!!!

Dennis Peacock

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