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Export all songs from ZionWorx 2014

With ZionWorx 2.6 there was potential a migration path by using TurboDB Data Exchange to convert MainTable.dat into .csv.

With ZionWorx 2014 I have not been able to find such a path. The UI only lets you export one song at a time AFAI can see, and the database format has changed into something I cannot get TurboDB Data Exchange to accept.

Is there a potential migration path from ZionWorx 2014, or is it a "dead end"?


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We haven't considered export formats from ZionWorx 2014 at this stage, and though possible to use the command line utility you mention on 2.6 it doesn't appear compatible with the current version of TurbodDB as you've found.

You would be able to get the song data into an XML file by creating a playlist with all the songs included and then saving and manipulating the XML to produce a file that you can use. Depending on the size of your song database this may not be that feasible.

Chris Clark
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