Using Song Arrangements

Song arrangements provide flexibility in presenting song lyrics in a specific order. Rather than entering the same chorus/verse multiple times the sections are entered once in the lyrics area and then the presentation sequence controlled through the use of arrangements.

Arrangements can be set up and saved in the database with the song or added at playlist creation time for convenience.


Song Arrangement Maintenance

The first step in creating an arrangement is to have the appropriate sections entered and marked ('chorus', 'verse') in the Lyrics area. Then go to the Arrangements tab.

There will always be a 'Standard' arrangement in the arrangement selection. This is installed with ZionWorx and can't be removed or renamed. The various sections can be added or removed by dragging from the left hand 'source' column to create the arrangement in the right hand column.

To add a new arrangement press the new arrangement button. This will add a 'New' entry to the drop down list. The name can be changed by clicking in the Name field and typing the new name, e.g. "Evening Service" and pressing Enter. Then the sections can be added to the arrangement column by dragging the icons across or selecting and pressing the green 'Add' buttons. To remove a section from the arrangement then drag the icon from the arrangement column and drop on the form or select and press the red 'Remove' buttons.

To delete an arrangement select the arrangement in the drop down. The trash can will become available and pressing it will delete the arrangement. Note again the 'Standard' arrangement can't be deleted.

The Default Arrangement flag indicates which arrangement will be used by default when this song is added to the playlist. Select the arrangement you want to mark as default and then tick this option.


Playlist Arrangements

When a song is added to the playlist a context tab appears in the ribbon area.

The slides area shows the slide layout for the currently selected arrangement. To change the arrangement select the desired one from the drop down list. As the selection changes the slide layout updates to reflect the chosen arrangement.

If there is a special arrangement required for this playlist press the New Arrangement button.

Enter a name and then create the arrangement by dragging sections from the left column to the right column. If you want to save the arrangement for reuse then tick the checkbox. When you've finished press the save button to record the changes to the current song.

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