How to Change a Background on a Song or other Themed Item

A common situation is you have an image or video that you want to use as a background to a song. To achieve this in ZionWorx there are two steps.


Load the Image or Video into ZionWorx

The first step is to make sure ZionWorx can see the media file you are wanting to use. You may already be monitoring a media directory containing backgrounds having added it using the "Add Folder" button in which case select the directory so the desired thumbnail is visible in the panel.
If the media is on your computer then you can drag the files from Windows over the top of the Media workspace. This will create links to the files and they can be used in ZionWorx.


Apply the Image or Video as a Background to a Theme

Once you have the media item available in ZionWorx you need to set it as the background. Add a song to the playlist and then select the media thumbnail you want to use.

There are two ways of applying the image as a background to an item. You can use the drop down selector to apply as background.

Alternatively you can also drag the media thumbnail and drop it on the playlist item in the target zone that appears. This will update that specific item with the selected background.

Once you've applied the background you can open the theme editor and make any changes to the text layers that you want. 


Saving the Theme

At this point the changes that are made are only relevant to the selected playlist item. That is fine if the change is only for this playlist. Often though you want to save this change as a theme to use on other items. With the theme editor open you have the option to either save a new theme using the Save As button and entering a name or overwrite the current theme using the Save to Library button.

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