Modifying keyboard shortcuts

To enable to flexible control of presented items ZionWorx is able to integrate with most remote controllers and be set to use the specific key codes sent from the device. 

To customise ZionWorx open the options page and go to the General tab where the default keyboard shortcuts can be changed to match what is sent through from the device. It is possible to also modify existing shortcuts for main functions such as fades and editing songs to suit your preferences.

To change the keyboard shortcut click in the field next to the function to change. The existing shortcut can be cleared by pressing backspace if desired however ZionWorx supports multiple shortcuts for the same function. With the focus in the field press the new keyboard shortcut combination, or the function button on the remote presenter which will record the change in the field. 

Press apply to save the changes in ZionWorx and the shortcuts will start working straight away.

It is recommended to not use common editing combination such as single letters or punctuation marks as this will prevent editing of songs and search fields from working as expected; the keyboard shortcuts are global in scope. Rather combine the single letter with a function key so it is less likely to be in conflict with normal editing.

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