How To Control Title Visibility

Some items, such as Songs and Bible passages, have a Title that can be optionally displayed when the item is presented.

You have full control over the visibility of titles. They can be displayed always (appearing on every slide), never displayed, or only shown on the first (or last) slide.

Title visibility is managed using the Theme Editor, by editing the 'Visible' property of the 'Title' layer. This means that you could set up some themes which use the title and other ones that don't.

You can also control the size and position of the Title layer and the text style (font, colour, effects etc) used to display it.

The following screenshot of the Theme Editor shows the steps needed to edit the properties of the Title layer to manage visibility and style, and then to permanently save the setting.

Note: The same approach is used for the 'Copyright' layer too.  For example, a common scenario is to show copyright information only on the first or last slide of song.

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